Treatments can be divided into 2 categories:

1. Biomechanical Treatments

2. Chiropody Treatments

1. Biomechanical Treatments:

Footwear advice for both everyday and sport shoes
Exercise and training advice
Off-the-shelf orthotics
Custom-made orthotics
Strapping and/or padding
Night splints
Mobilisation techniques
Deep tissue massage
Dry needling (acupuncture)
Steroid injections
Referrals to other health care professionals
Further investigations, e.g. x-rays, diagnostic ultrasound, MRI scans

2. Chiropody Treatments

Nail surgery
In-growing nails
Nail care
Fungal foot infections

Lower limb and foot conditions can be caused by many things, including tight or ill-fitting footwear, poor foot posture, poor general posture or conditions such as bunions or in-growing toenails. Some problems are relatively simple to rectify, with footcare and footwear advice making a significant difference. Other conditions – which are a result of prolonged damage or neglect – will take a longer, more sustained treatment programme and commitment from both Katriona and yourself.

After the initial assessment, Katriona will discuss her findings with you and devise an effective, evidence-based treatment plan.