Biomechanical Assessment

Podiatric biomechanics focuses on the movement of the body from a foot-up perspective, specialising in the foot and lower limbs within the framework of the body as a whole. If you have lower back, hip, knee or ankle pain, the problem could be related to poor foot function or "gait" (the way your feet and legs work as you walk and run). Katriona will assess your lower limb structure and function through a biomechanical assessment to ascertain if the bones, joints, ligaments and/or muscles are preventing “normal” function.

An initial Biomechanical Assessment for a new patient will last about 45 minutes and will generally focus around four main areas:

A full medical history will be taken, relating to both the site of pain and any other previous accidents, fractures or surgery details.

A static standing assessment will look at your posture and alignment.

A couch examination will involve analysis of the hips, knees, ankles and joints in your feet, including the muscles.

A video-analysis of you walking and/or running on a treadmill will be taken.

Video analysis allows the mechanics of the body to be recorded during dynamic motion, producing digital footage that can then be slowed down and carefully analysed frame by frame. This is an indispensable educational tool for precisely establishing how the foot functions during dynamic movement.  It allows you to see your biomechanics in slow motion which also enables you to understand the mechanisms of injury. This also allows you to see your biomechanics in slow motion which also help you understand the mechanisms of injury and is, therefore, an indispensable educational tool.

The information collated from the assessment will allow Katriona to create a relevant diagnosis and treatment plan.